• Women Pure Jacket black front
  • Women Pure Jacket black back
  • Women Pure Jacket red front
  • Women Pure Jacket red back
  • Women Pure Jacket white front
  • Women Pure Jacket white back

Thinsulate InsulationDermizax Toray fabric

Women PURE Jacket

Stretch materials, tailored shaped and an impressive feminine design! The modern designer look of this technical engineered jacket speaks for itself! The 20K waterproof and breathable fabric will do a fantastic job keeping you comfortable and dry while the Thinsulate™ insulation will make sure you won’t get cold in those snowy days on the slope. The warm waterproof handpockets are designed with blind zippers and keep all your gear dry and close to you. Magnets keep your main front zipper covered at all times without the hassle of closing any buttons. Extra zippers at the end of the sleeves give you the opportunity to add more width in case you want your gloves to fit neatly under your sleeves. All features this ultimate ski jacket has to offer. Together with the contrast color sews which completes the designer look, this PURE jacket is a style icon.


The innovated VISOR comfort concept is an engineered combination of high quality Dermizax ™ Stretch fabric with the exact functional amount of Thinsulate ™ insulation. This guarantees maximum warmth in all weather conditions and minimum weight. The integrated VIFT ®-system (VISOR Innovated Fit Technology) gives you the perfect moveable body fit. VISOR garment is known for its comfort, design, quality and great eye for detail. The PURE jacket is the feminine performance ski jacket which gives you a stylish appearance combined with all the comfort you need on the mountain.