The combination of a great love for skiing and a passion for engineering has resulted in the high-quality brand VISOR. Believe it or not, our initial intention was not to make the best ski garments. We actually wanted to know all about the best technical materials! Our passion for engineering led VISOR to start an innovative research project to find the highest quality and most functional ski materials available. Our research results formed the basis of our brand and are still the key feature of our garments.

After years of research and testing, VISOR concluded that the materials used by the more high-class and well-known ski brands are not always of the highest quality nor are they the most functional for performance skiing. Despite the fact that these brands use their image to charge top prices, fashion seems to be more important to them than quality. Instantly  VISOR realized its mission: manufacture high-fashion, designer ski wear made of the highest quality materials with regard to performance.

VISOR garments are sold exclusively in our own online store which gives a huge advantage: we can offer our customers direct service, completely independent from commercial stores. This means we don’t need to pass all kinds of additional charges onto our customers and instead we can concentrate on doing what we are good at… making extremely high-quality and stunning designs.

VISOR products are handmade in Europe and will only be available in limited editions. We are proud to name our preferred material partners: Toray Dermizax and Thinsulate Insulation. These high-quality materials have been proven to be the best available for performance skiing. Dermizax and Thinsulate are also used by our respectful colleague brands such as KJUS, Bogner, Spyder, Bergans, etc. to create high-quality, technical garments for performance skiing!

The VISOR brand stands for more than high-quality designer ski wear…
it is a lifestyle, designed by VISOR!