• Women Vanago black front
  • Women Vanago black back
  • Women Vanago yellow front
  • Women Vanago yellow back

Thinsulate InsulationDermizax Toray fabric

Women Vanago Fleece Jacket

Nothing compares to the insulation performance of the engineered fleece fabric of this garment. It keeps you warm on those cold days on the slope. The stylish full-zip VISOR VANAGO fleece mid-layer is tailored fit and made out of top-end stretch fabric. The jacket is designed to make it easy to wear under your ski jacket or over everyday clothes. The breathable fabric will add warmth while still allowing excess heat to escape. The fabric draws your sweat away so it won’t sit next to your skin and make you cold.

The typical example of VISOR technical engineering in this jacket is the “sleeve control” feature. A simple elastic cord around your thumb will guide your sleeve perfectly under your ski jacket to guarantee optimal performance of the quality fleece material. The fabric makes this mid-layer extremely comfortable even when combined with other layers. The body-shaped style and excellent tailoring allow you to wear it as a layering piece or as a quality stand-alone jacket.